• Property Management Absentee Services

  • Full-Service Management Absentee Services

    To Begin with Our Absentee Visits Provide the following and much more on a weekly or bi-weekly basis


    • Inspect predetermined items on the interior and/or exterior of the property.
    • Document the visits and provide report to property owner via email.
    • Forward mail and packages based on client direction.
    • Serve as local contact for client alarm services.
    • Vehicle checks.

    Yet another reason why you should use our Full-Service Management

    • Hurricane preparation and follow-up.
    • Coordinate and manage supplier access and services.
    • Oversee special services.
    • Home opening and closing

    Insurance Coverage – Are you sure your covered completely?
    Unfortunately if your home is unoccupied for 30 days or more your insurance policy may not cover damages. 

    There are several basic policies that may or may not cover pay for any repairs  if pipes bust or thieves / vandals damage your property. Storm damage may not be covered if it is not discovered within 30 days of the occurrence.

    Mold and Water Damage (check out this article)

    Pursuing this further water-related damages may not be covered by homeowner’s insurance. Insurance  companies will go back and review the policy. Any house that’s had a major water claim in the last three years, they ’non-renew’. Not because it has mold, but because it might. If you have a new home the problems are the same or may be worse because they are sealed tighter than older homes. Once water is trapped inside it takes much longer to dry.  

    More specifically Insurance companies welcome our Absentee Services inspection in your absence. The potential for uninsured damage is a problem. Are you sure you want to depend on your neighbor to care for your greatest asset? A trained, insured and bonded Home Manager can give you a greater peace of mind.

    Problems are less costly when caught early and action taken. Interior mold, water leaks from plumbing or roof issues, insects, air conditioning problems, pool pump, clogged filter, low water or lack of maintenance can lead to costly repairs. Delayed repairs are more expensive.

    We check your home and grounds for security, maintenance, and system issues and report back to our client with all the details of our Absentee Services visit.